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There has been a recent research project at a runner’s exposition where an individual’s actual running style was compared to what they thought it was and they were educated on the different types of running styles people have. It’s quite surprising to find out how people (including seasoned runners) differed from what they thought their running style was to what it actually is. At the exposition they looked at three different foot strike patterns: 1) heel striker-a person who strikes the ground with the heel of their foot, 2) forefoot striker- a person who strikes with the ground with the ball of their foot, 3) midfoot striker- a person who strikes the ground with the heel and the ball of their foot at the same time.

 If you are curious about your foot strike pattern, you could see your local New Iberia Podiatrist to help you determine what it is. Also, depending on your running style, you may experience different types of pain after running. A heel striker is more susceptible to heel and knee pain. A forefoot striker is more likely to feel pain around the ball of their foot and into their shins. If you are a runner and experiencing pain, one method you could try would be to alter your running style.

You may also look at your footwear if they are looking worn down, it is time to change them. Shoes typically need to be changed every 300-500 miles. The style of your shoe is going to vary depending on your running style. A heel striker is going to want a shoe that has more padding around the heel area, a forefoot striker will want more padding around the ball of their foot, and a midfoot striker will want padding between the heel and the ball of their foot. For people who are into barefoot running or running in minimalist shoes, they will benefit more from a forefoot or midfoot style of running. If you have any questions about running styles or your running shoes, set up an appointment with Dr. Jonathan Purdy at The Foot Clinic in New Iberia and we’ll help you out.

Dr. Jonathan Purdy