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Twilight Star Kristen Stewart was seen hopping up the red carpet on crutches at the Oscars. At award ceremonies like the Oscars, stares usually are seen sporting some very unique fashion accessories. But crutches, that defiantly tops the list of unique fashion accessories.

 It turns out though that Stewart wasn’t trying to make a fashion statement but she actually was on the crutches because she cut her foot stepping on broken glass. Now you may scoff and say “she should have watched where she was walking.” However, even the most vigilant person could accidently end up stepping on broken glass.

We live in a very busy world and often have a thousand things running through our head at once and typically, broken glass on the ground is not one of these worries. Those with little kids who may accidently break something (and not tell you) or large pets that knock things over are at a higher risk of stepping on broken glass or other objects. You go walking through your house and all of a sudden “crunch,” you just stepped on broken glass. While you can’t stop the unforeseeable, you can take precautions to prevent injury from happening. For example, when indoors it is a good idea to wear shoes or slippers to help protect your feet from these unforeseeable circumstances.

 If you do cut your foot on glass, make an appointment to see your local New Iberia Podiatrist at The Foot Clinic so they can remove the debris and bandage you up. Do not try to pull out the debris on your own and bandage it up because there may be small pieces that are not visible to the naked eye and require special imaging tools like ultrasound or x-ray to see. If these small pieces do not get removed, it could cause the wound to get infected which could turn your simple office visit into a hospital stay. Dr. Jonathan Purdy and staff at The Foot Clinic in New Iberia wish Kristen Stewart a speedy recovery so she can get back to doing what vampires do best. 

Jon Purdy, DPM