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Years of wearing fashionable high heeled shoes has finally caught up with Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker. She recently had to see a Podiatrist for the foot pain she was experiencing and she was told that her foot was doing things that it shouldn't be able to and that she even created a bone that shouldn't be there. What????? How can you create a bone, especially at her age.

 It's actually not that uncommon to have a bone or two more or less than someone else; they're called accessory ossicles. Accessory ossicles are bones that do not appear as part of our normal anatomy and are often the result of repetitive trauma. It is her body's way of protecting itself from the trauma it is receiving on a daily basis. The Sex and the City star reports that she literally ran in high heeled shoes. For ten years, Parker reports that she worked eighteen hour days in high heels and never took them off. She says that she never had any problems wearing high heels until recently while filming "I Don't Know How She Does It,"where she reports that she wore cheaper high heeled shoes than what she is used too. Parker's typical shoes average between 800 to 1,000 dollars and a cheap pair of shoes for her is going to be around 600 dollars. This far exceeds the price that the average woman is going to pay for high heels and while I can't comment on a 1,000 dollar pair of high heeled shoes, ( I would hope they would be okay for your feet at that price) the typical high heeled shoes that women wear are going to be bad for their feet.

The typical pair of high heeled shoes that I have seen women wear often have a narrow toe box that will squish their toes and put their feet in an awkward position that causes them to walk in a way that they normally wouldn't. Now I'm not saying to never wear high heels, I know that sometimes we want to look our best, but please don't wear them for eighteen hours or go running in them. If you have questions about high heeled shoes or you are experiencing pain from wearing them, set up an appointment with Dr. Purdy at The Foot Clinic in New Iberia and get all you questions answered.

Jonathan Purdy, DPM